Clean Eating 101

I get so many comments and questions on HOW I make clean eating a part of my lifestyle and still ENJOY so I have now created Clean Eating 101 for you to make it EASIER to apply this to your lifestyle so let’s do it!

Do you always feel tired, sluggish and weighed down? But when you try to eat healthy you cut down to 1000 calories, deprive yourself and think that will do the trick?

I get it, I used to eat 100 calorie packs, non-fat this and diet that. I can tell you that cutting down like that does not work. It may leave you a few lbs lighter but you will not feel any better and probably go back to your old habits.

Once I learned how I could eat healthy for life I felt a surge in energy, my skin got clearer, my digestion improved and the brain fog was lifted.

Let’s Prep for the Week

So I am going to ask you:

What is the biggest obstacle right now? How are you going to use this week to overcome that? A lot of what we battle with our eating is in our own head. But there are some simple principals you can follow so that food won’t control your life.

What is clean eating? It is staying away from super processed foods and eating things with less ingredients and and more nutrients.

You cannot outrun bad nutrition, you can workout EVERYDAY but if you do not have good nutrition you find it much harder, if not impossible to reach your goals.

Here is a meal plan for you for the week

If you are vegan you can use this vegan meal plan?

If you don’t like something you can swap out for another of the same thing. For example if you don’t have chicken, have another protein like fish. If you don’t have broccoli, have another vegetable like asparagus. If you don’t like apples, have another fruit like orange.

So here we go! We are going to go through 7 tips, one for each day so you can take it slow and not be overwhelmed with too much information at once.

Day 1: Portion Control

Easy Hand Guide for Portion Control

You CAN eat too much of good thing. You may be eating white meat chicken or healthy brown rice but you need to make sure that you are follow correct portions. The guide above will show you how much you are eating. If you are still hungry after using this portion guide then have some water (yep!) and if you’r still hungry eat some more veggies. It’s that simple. Here is a simple way to pack your meals to help with this.

Day 2: Clean Out the Pantry

Most of what is your pantry is probably processed. Even that no fat and no sugar stuff you THINK is good for you has a lot of chemicals in it that you don’t need to be eating. Clean it out! Look at the labels, see if you can pronounce the ingredients and if you can’t, it’s likely a chemical.

Day 3: Water

Drink at least half your body weight in ounces.

So how much should you drink? You should be drinking 16+ oz before each meal or snack for a total of 1/2 your body weight in oz with a minimum of 64 oz (if you are less than 128 lbs) so for example a 150 lb person should be having at least 75 oz. It’s that simple. If you need some flavor try these, they are my fave and have no artificial anything so when you don’t feel like plain water they work great.

Day 4: Eating Out

You can eat out and keep in simple.

You probably started this on a Monday and it’s close to the weekend now and you want to dine out so HOW can you do that without feeling guilty?

I would focus on non-fried proteins and veggies as the base on your meal. It’s totally cool to have a piece of bread or some pasta but it should not be the focus of your meal. Like I keep saying, keep it simple and don’t over think it! You do not need to gorge yourself or overeat to enjoy eating out. It’s the company that brings us the most pleasure. Find balance.

And if you go off track and eat an entire loaf of bread at dinner? No biggie, tomorrow is a new day and you can get right back on track. Don’t let it ruin the progress you have made. You are human!

Day 5: Snacktional

It’s OK to snack but only if you’re hungry. Do not just eat mindlessly because you are bored. ?Are are some great snack ideas for you to keep close.

-Apple and raw unsalted almonds

-Cheese stick and veggies

-2 tbsp of hummus and carrots/celery/peppers

-1 cup of plain greek yogurt with fruit

-1 plain unsalted rice cake with nut butter

-Fresh fruit, keep a banana in your purse

-Avocado and fresh veggies

-Hard boiled eggs


Day 6: Weekend Tips

You can have a healthy weekend and enjoy it!

Are you one of those people who eats SO good Monday through Friday and gets to the weekend and loses it? Yep, I used to be a weekend binger so I totally get it. I actually binged in private because it was just so embarrassing.

Here are some really simple tips:

-Limit your alcohol and stick to simple cocktails like vodka and soda water that aren’t loaded with sugar

-Ask for dressing on the side and instead of pouring it on, dip your fork

-Pack snacks, you will probably be out longer than you think you will be out and you don’t want to get hangry

-Don’t get one bad choice take you totally off track. You will make a bad decision but then you have a choice to get back on track or keep making those bad decisions. Don’t pop one tire and slash the other three. Learn from it and change your mindset!

Day 7: What’s next?

You got this!

You clicked on this guide for a reason, you are READY to make a change. So what does the next week look like? What does the next month look like? What changes are you going to make?

Are you ready for some accountability? You can work with me in a small group setting just fill out an application and let’s talk. I have lost 60 lbs after battling binge eating and diet pill addiction so I get it! Let’s work together and reach your goals