I wanted to show you some super easy meal prep, as you guys know I am pretty lazy with my meal prep and what we are gonna have for dinner tonight is in Crock Pot and?it is gonna make like meals for the entire week.

So, I hate touching raw chicken. I get a huge pack of pre portioned chicken breasts at BJ’s and then I just?freeze?them and unfreeze them as I need them. So, literally I am just cutting the top off the pack and dumping it in my crock pot. And this perfect like all week I am gonna use it for salads and if I want a sandwich or if I just wanna have it with veggies. I can just cook some fresh veggies for it. My husband will take it for work. Super Easy! Just throwing that on in the Crock Pot. It is just all in there.

And then all I am going to do is I am gonna make Buffalo Chicken this week. And Buffalo sauce usually has like a ton of sugar and added stuff in it. I found this stuff in whole foods and don’t shop at whole foods a whole a lot but I was there actually getting some prepared foods and it is called S and F Chef Sauce Wild Buffalo. I have never heard of it before. But it has cayenne, pepper,?canola?oil, water,?egg yolk, vinegar, molasses, sea salt, lemon juice,, garlic, onion, a little sugar and spices. And that is it. It has calories and a little bit of fat and 1 gram of carbohydrate and no sugar. So, the key here is there is no sugar per per-serving.?Obviously?there is?molasses?in here so there is some sugar but per-serving there is not. So there is not a lot of sugar in here.

This stuff is awesome and they have all different flavors

So, literally guys all I am doing is like pouring some of this over the chicken. You don’t need a lot so it’s all gonna melt together. So, I just coat it like a thin layer.

And then I am gonna turn my Crock Pot on and set on low for 8 hours, that’s it! Want more clean eating recipes? www.pinterest.com/jilliansfitresq

So, I just wanna show you this because quick and easy, right? And I think that a lot of people over complicate meal prep. We are just gonna make some sliced sweet potato chips with them and I will show you guys a video of how we do that and then just grilled veggies. Super easy! Very easy meal! Very easy lunches! Just grab and go.