Do You need a Plan B?

Tonight Michelle and I spent some time together in our brand new backyard. Just the girls. I?m still amazed it?s ours ??

7 months ago I had just just returned from maternity leave and was laid off from my job of 13+ years. Doug and I had been searching for our forever home for almost a year and had been close to finding it a few times but bidding wars were not going in our favor. I was stressed in our 1100 sq foot house with two dogs and a child who would soon be mobile.

How could we afford to move when we had a baby (who was still in Daycare while I searched for a job) and I had been laid off?

Thankfully because of our business, money was never a stress for us. Losing my job was emotionally hard enough so I?m thankful that money wasn?t adding to that.

Our offer was accepted on our #dreamhome and our loan was approved BEFORE I started at my current job. Because of our business.

This business is my Plan B. Sometimes your Plan B has to become your Plan A and for 6 months that was the case for us.

I don?t work my business full time hours but that doesn?t mean I don?t earn full time income. I teach my team how to effectively and consistently work their business about an hour a day so it can grow and be their Plan B ??

I?m looking for 5 women in August who are looking for a Plan B. Just shoot me a note and let?s chat!

Our kickoff call is tomorrow night and I can?t wait to help you get started and make sure you and your family have a plan B!

I have a Plan B for her!