Easy, Healthy Chicken Salad, seriously this is one of my fave recipes!?

I am showing you my easy lunch today. I talk about this recipe, I feel, like all the time. And I wanted to actually share it being made; because, I am having it for lunch today.

I have a blue of avocado (for my Portion Fix Friends).

I have a red of that is a chicken and we buy the rotisserie chicken from the like Pre-made Deli Counter and we take off the skin and separate it out so that it is ready to go. So, I can just sort of like scoop my little red of chicken into here so I know how much I need.

You can have it alone, but today I am having it on a piece toasted Ezekiel bread because that’s my total fave.

I also add Himalayan Pink Salt and fresh lime juice.

I just put the avocado in the bowl,?It is about a quarter of a cup. Mashed up.

So, all I am gonna do is put the chicken into the mashed up avocado. I am just gonna kind of like stir it up to coat it. Really really really easy. This is a ton?of food?of you guys, A TON. And this is a really great snack but if you wanna have it as a meal you can do that too, I am having it as my lunch and I am serving it with a salad today so I can get in some veggies

So then you just squirt some lime juice and season with sea salt on the mixture. It probably takes about about 5 mins to prep this and it fits into paleo, whole 30, portion fix, low carb etc. It is just so versatile!?


Seriously, how good does this look?