Today I’m going to talk to you about Facebook privacy. ?A lot of people get really nervous about sharing their story on social media and adding new people to their network and not wanting me get to show their family or their kids or where they are vacation or what their house looks like or where they live but they want to show their product and their story. So how do you do that? How do you add new people to your network but not feel like your jeopardizing your safety or your privacy for example.


I?m going to show you a little bit about how you can do that so I?m going to go right here to my page and I?m going to pick up something just a random picture that I have on here. Right in my YouTube cover photos and as you can see, these pictures are uploading and I can just write, “Hi there, I?m not going to actually upload it” and right now this post is set to public, that?s my default setting. But you can set your post to friends or only you can see it and this is really the key here. there’s more options, so you?re going to click on more options and then you?re going to hit custom and you can do share with friends, right, because that’ll share with your friend network and then you can say, “don’t share with” and you can add people or lists.

So, I can type in a specific person’s name if I?d like. I?m just going to use a random name in here and then I have a list of people, I?m going to use my list of Team Fit ResQ Coaches for whatever reason I don?t want them to see this. I?m going to hit “save changes” so its going to show this post to all of my friends except for Sarah and Team Fit ResQ Coaches and I?m going to hit “save changes” and I?m going to hit post and you’re not going to be able to see this post if you’re on my coaches list or you are Sarah who also happens to be on my coaches list, but you know those 2 people can’t see the post. Want to see the step by step? Check out the video!