Recently I was asked to share one of my fears, and how it might be holding me back in my business. Oddly enough, by biggest fear isn’t that I doubt that I am good enough. Neither is it that I doubt that I can do this. I believe in me 🙂

So what is my fear?

My biggest fear is judgement. People judge me and I have a really difficult time with that, for a variety of reasons. One is because I am want to please people and my feeling get hurt really easily. The other reason is that I tend to put off a vibe where I have a tough exterior. People think that my feeling can’t or don’t get hurt, but the truth is that they can and the do. And it’s really hard for me when it happens.

So what do I do about this? I have been able to manage my hurts easier as I have been doing more and more personal development. In my head, I understand that it’s the whole “it’s them, not me” mentality, but if you ever been the victim of a personal attack, then you can relate. I’ve gotten some nasty messages that were meant to hurt my feelings, and it was really hard for me to not take it personally. Backhanded comments, that are meant to insult have been posted online and that really gets to me as well. I am a very direct person, so if I have an issue with anyone, I am going to come directly to you to talk about it. We’re both adults, right? So why not just say “hey, I have issue with ….” and talk about it. I hold myself to high standards and would not talk about someone behind their back, so I can’t warp my head around why someone would do the opposite to me.

While it hurts when people say nasty things TO me, it actually hurts more when people say nasty things ABOUT me. So what do you do about overcoming your fears? Check out the rest of my video to learn how I deal.? I’d also love to hear how you deal with your fears. Feel free to comment or message me. Have a great weekend.

Fear will hold you back. Be strong

Let your strength be bigger than your fears!