February is the new January…did you have BIG goals in January that didn’t get done?

Yep, I have been there, done that and know that things don’t know go as planned but I have some simple tips to help you get on track and love the journey, no matter what the goal is.

I am super Type A and like a plan to go perfectly, these are the top three things that I am focusing on to help me when things {dont/never} go as planned.

  1. ‘You can WIN or you can LEARN but you can’t LOSE’. I am doing a lot of personal development to start the year and right not Fear is my Homeboy is speaking to me. Whenever I fail at something, I used to think it meant that I was a failure….but I am not. I am BADASS and whatever it is that I wasn’t successful at, I LEARNED from but it doesn’t mean I lost. I think having this attitude helps you not get down on yourself when things don’t go as planned and if you’re me, things often don’t go as planned.
  2. Be Flexible. Another super hard one for me in reaching goals. I have a plan for my plan. Literally a Plan A, a Plan B, a Plan B for my Plan B…get the drift. If your goal was to move 30 mins a day in January and you didn’t do it. Do not say ‘well that didn’t happen so that’s out’. Try to have a little more flexibility, it’s a new month…start with 10 mins a day. Work your way up. Adapt and learn. You can’t fail.
  3. Love Yourself. Start having some self compassion. You probably have a ton of compassion and understanding for others. So why not yourself? Because you TOO DAMN HARD ON YOURSELF. Show yourself some grace, start loving yourself the same way you show compassion to others. This is my number 1 struggle. I am total empath, except when it comes myself. I want to beat myself up for the tiniest little thing. But now that I am AWARE of it, I can start combat it and show myself some love. You have to love yourself first + most.

These three tips have helped me get back in the saddle when things don’t go at planned. You have got to realize you can learn from mistakes, you can adapt and change and you 100% have to love yourself most.

You got this. You can reach your goals. I am here for you!