First you need a solution and then you have a business.

I wanna talk to you about something that I think a lot of people make a mistake on. I am an entrepreneur so I am bit into entrepreneurship and businesses. Before you can have a business you have to have a solve a problem. So you can’t just start a business and say like, “I am gonna sell XYZ”. Well what is selling XYZ solve? What kind of problem does that solve today for people, right??

So, I personally was overweight my entire life. And I couldn’t find a solution that worked for me that kept the weight off, that got me healthy, that did the correct way without pills, without wraps without crash diets, just the old fashion way and kept me on target.

I had never thought about starting a health and fitness business previously. But when I found a way to solve?to my problem – and my problem was being overweight and being unhealthy and the solution was getting fit, getting to a healthy BMI and getting healthy – I knew that I had a business; because, I found?a way to solve my problem.?

The solution to the problem comes first and the business comes second. You really can’t start the business without having a way to solve the issue. You have got to solve a problem for people with a product, with a service whatever your business might be.

I wanted to come on here and say that because I feel that a lot of people just get excited about the business aspect when really you need to get excited about helping people solve their problem; because, that is what in the long term is going to sell your product. It is having the right solution to help people solve a problem.

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