I?m going to talk to you about something kind of taboo and tell you what you focus on expands. I normally talk to you about how to really make your business grow, but today I?m going to talk to you about one thing that can really make your business shrink, or be nonexistent, or worse, even completely fail. So, today, I?m going to talk to you about the one thing that could just make your business go kaput.

I focused on this one thing for a long time, and it did not help me grow my business. It really kind of stifled where I was going with my business. So if you feel like you get down or frustrated or, you know, get a ? kind of, a sense of icky-ness when something bad happens in your business, ?like the entrepreneur roller coaster ride, because we?ve all ridden that. I used to really get upset when someone quit, when someone, wasn?t receptive to me, when someone didn?t use the product, when someone wasn?t successful. And I put that blame on me. What happened was, I really focused on that.

It?made me focus on that negativity. What you focus on expands. That is really what?s going to make your business fail.?That might sound silly of course you?re going to be upset if someone quits. Honestly, you?re going to do what I?m going to call a bless and release.

So, do me a favor and commit to me that next time you get a cancellation, that you?re going to reach out to that person and say, you know, I got your cancellation, I hope everything is okay, please reach out to me if you need anything. That?s what you?re going to say to them. You?re going to bless them and release them. You?re not going to dwell on it, you?re not going get all upset at yourself, you?re not going to blame yourself, because if you?re a good entrepreneur, you?ve done everything you can to help them grow their business and it?s up to them that it didn?t work for them. And that?s okay. It?s okay that it didn?t work for them. Its okay that they weren?t successful in growing their business, maybe they decided it wasn?t for them because not every business is for every person.

If you continue to focus on that, that?s what?s going to expand and that?s where all your energy?s going to go and that?s where your mind?s going to go. And your team is going to feel that energy. And it?s really going to drag your entire business down, and really not going to help you expand on the good stuff. So, that?s my number one thing, is that by doing and focusing on the negative, your business is going to go on to the negative.

Check out my full video here on what NOT to focus on:?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3UjZcr6VBM