“Happiness is an inside job.” I read that quote the other day and it is just so true. Of course, there are things that affect my happiness that I cannot control. But I can always control how I react and I can control the things I do daily to help!

I am always chatting with my challenge groups about happiness and how you need to be happy on the whole journey not just ‘when you lose weight’ or ‘when you can lift a certain amount’ or ‘when you can run x miles’. We don’t just focus on these scale and non scale victories, instead we focus on loving ourselves and being happy through the process. Health and fitness is a journey, not a destination. We don’t just hit a goal and stop, we focus on making it part of a lifestyle…forever.

Some of the things we focus on are:

😀 Happiness hacks! Little things you can do each day to make every day better

😀 Moving our bodies – and I just might have the sample of our newest program, Let’s Get Up! Shaun T, the supertrainer, is all about helping us find our JOY, so I cannot wait for this one!

😀 And a daily moment of joy to check in + spread happiness

Having these moments in my virtual boot camps where you can focus inward and give yourself the love and attention you deserve is where the magic happens. There are going to be things that make you unhappy and that you can’t control, but realizing that you can’t control them is the key.

Happiness must come from within, you must truly believe and want to be happy in order to be happy. I promise that you can be if you allow it.

Ready to jump in and be a little happier? Let’s chat