Today I?m going to talk to you about the one thing that if you?re not doing you?re missing about 90% of your online business. So that means you?re only harnessing 10% of your business if you?re not doing this one thing.

If you do attraction marketing, people will just flock to you, all your business will just come to you, everyone will just buy from you and you will be good. There are going to be some people that do attraction marketing right that will just come to you. If you?re not repelling them, if you?re not doing repellent marketing like we talked about. There are going to be some people that definitely come to you via attraction marketing. But what do you have to do to bring those people in that are attracted to you is the real question.


Just over here working on my online business from home

Attraction marketing will bring in those people, will bring in that audience, and if you didn?t see my attraction marketing video be sure to look at my videos and grab the one on attraction marketing because it?s really, really, really important for this next step.

What is that one thing that brings in 90% of your online business? From experience I know it brings in 90% of my online business. I like to call it a vital behaviour. It is vital to the pulse of your online ?business to make sure that you?re doing this in order to move your business forward. And that is inviting. Not selling to people, not messaging, not spamming, but inviting them to join you on whatever this journey is and whatever you?re selling.

And you might think that if I?m doing attraction marketing, these people will come to me, and I?m not a saying some people won?t, I think like I said maybe about 10% of people will. But 90% of people won?t come to you.

Want to know what the ONE thing is?