…and it moves us all. No. But really, it does. Who remembers about 4 months ago when I posted about sweet Dolly giving birth to 10 puppies at her amazing foster home? Well if you don’t remember here is the original post:?https://jilliankaplan.com/2014/08/just-typical-fridaywere-having-puppies.html

Well, last weekend all 10 of her amazing, happy, healthy pups made their way north and went to their forever homes. I got be part of their whole journey with their foster mom. My job is easy, I just make sure they get to the vet when needed and get all the best care. Their foster mom is the one who is cleaning up puppy piddles, socializing them, loving on them and getting up in the middle of night to make sure everyone is safe and happy.

There was ONE pup who had an adopter lined up that wanted to meet her before he committed and I threw enough of a temper tantrum that I got to overnight here. This is sweet Dorothy:


I only got to spend one night with her but it really got me thinking. This gorgeous, amazing pup would not exist if wasn’t for the kindness of humans and getting her momma to safety. So a special thank you to everyone who was part of her journey. I love my little cowgirl!