Today I’m going to talk to you about fear. Specifically, the fear of getting out of your comfort zone.

A lot of us have worked hourly, salaried jobs for someone else where we’re told what to do every day and we do it. Even if you’re not micromanaged and you’re a little bit self sufficient, you know your goal; you know your role; you stick to it. You usually don’t deviate a whole lot because you really want to do a good job on what you were told to do.

Working for yourself is totally different. You have no-one telling you what to do; you have no-one telling you what not to do. You’re not going to get fired for making a mistake.

In order to be successful as an entrepreneur, you really have to get uncomfortable. Sometimes it means sending a message to someone that you don’t want to have to send a message to. But you think that they would be a great member on your team or be a great candidate for your product because X, Y, Z.


Honestly, you should just tell them why you’re messaging them. If you are a good at-home business marketer, you are not spamming people. You are speaking to people like humans and you are looking at who you want on your team and who you want to help with your products.

This is the only profession where you get to pick your coworkers and pick the people that you work for, pick the people that you’re going to support.

So tell them why; be honest. A lot of people — that makes them super uncomfortable. Like, “I think this person would be a great member of my team because they’re super positive and they love being on social media and are really into fitness and I just think they’d be great.”

I know you’re thinking that, but then you’re not telling the person. Because it’s uncomfortable. Because they might say no.

We do this fun challenge on my team called “Go for No” and the person with the most NOs wins. You can not control who says no to you, but you can control how many people you speak to. That’s powerful.

Why would you work so hard in your hourly role, your salary role, for someone else, for someone else’s dreams, and not be willing to work hard in your own role with your own dreams? Want to know my tips? Check out the fill video here.