Loving yourself where you are, it sounds so good as a concept but is really hard in theory.

We always want to be leaner, skinnier, more toned, prettier, longer hair, different color hair, less wrinkles. But what if we STOPPED waiting for things to happen and STARTED loving the process. You can grow as a human and even change things physically about yourself. BUT I can guarantee that happiness won’t come from just physical changes you have to make mental changes too. Loving yourself as you change and grow is where the magic is going to happen.

I’m that Mom in the skin right pants and crop top who never, ever used to feel good in her skin. No more. We need to normalize normal bodies with jiggle, cellulite and scars.

🌿I’M LOOKING FOR 10 ladies who are ready to LOVE themselves ❤️

We are focused on loving ourselves through this journey. Your goals may be:
▶️ Weight loss
▶️ Toning
▶️ Improving nutrition
▶️ Better digestion

And so much more…it doesn’t matter what they are, we will get you there but more importantly we will FOCUS on feeling good! Loving yourself where you are.

In my online fitness and nutrition goals we make sure that you meet your goals BUT the mental part if what we work on the most. After years of hating myself, not wanting to be in pictures, yo-yo dieting, binge eating and diet pills…I’ve determined that what was missing was the mental transformation. I had transformed physically too many times to count but I had never let myself truly transform mentally. Sure, my weight still fluctuates and I am not sure I will ever be at my ‘goal weight’ (whatever that even means) but I DO know that I am trying my hardest to enjoy the journey.

What do you get when you join me? You will be provided a weekly 7-day meal plan, workout to follow, recipes, daily challenges, and you’ll be in a private group where we will provide daily accountability, motivation and fun. Interested? Let’s chat!