How so you market?across ALL social media platforms with ONE click? So you’ve heard me talk about before, that you don’t need to be on every platform. What I really meant by that was you don’t need to be creating unique content for every platform. You can just share your content on one platform and then use these awesome tools to be able to share them out.

Many of you know that I built a full time income while working full time at a fortune ten company. So in this business I work probably about ten hours a week, about an hour a day during the week when I’m working my full time job, and about five hours total on the weekends.

This is a tool that I have discovered that I love for being able to share out my content super easily, without really having to put in the effort. My main platforms are Facebook and Instagram. Those are platforms I log into on a regular basis and that I share my information to. But there’s tons of other platforms out there like Pinterest, like Snapchat, like WordPress, like Twitter, obviously Periscope. There’s tons of other stuff out there. You could spend all day posting things all over the place but that isn’t a good use of your time and for me, time is limited.


So how am I going to get all my content that I’ve been working on for Facebook and Instagram to all these other platforms when literally… I don’t even log on to Twitter and Pinterest. I just use this tool, which is IFTTT — if this then that — it is totally free and they do these things called recipes.?Want to see my recipes? Be sure to watch the video now!