I have been a BELIEVER in those meal delivery kits since they came out! I think they are great value for what they are and make it so we eat out less, really not at all, which saves a ton of money.

PLUS the food is portioned out which ensures you don’t over eat and you don’t get bored eating the same things over an over!

Easy and Delish!

All of the allow you to pick your proteins or vegan/vegetarian so you can always fine something you like!

Click any of the kits and get at least 1/2 off to try it!

Blue Apron- 

This is probably my fave! I don’t have much bad to say about it! The platform is super easy to use! You can easily skip a week, pick your protein or vegetarian. We get 3 recipes with 2 servings each but you can change that as well! If there is a rotten ingredient they always credit you back. PLUS they give you free weeks to share with your friends. It’s interesting and fun dishes. The produce and meat is always very, very high quality. BONUS: They are a regular or weight watchers menu if you prefer to watch what you are eating.

Hello Fresh

This is our second fave and you can get 6 or 8 meals for $20 by clicking the link! Recommend trying for sure! ALL the same benefits as Blue Apron but we find the recipes aren’t AS interesting and fun. They do more repeats but they also have some fun upgraded/fancy meals which is cool if you want fancy steak or seafood PLUS they have meals that turn into lunch for a small fee so you really get 4 meals. The packaging is super easy and we like that most of it is recyclable. Also very flexible on proteins or vegetarian and number of servings and meals!


We did this one a few times and liked it but it’s $15ish more a week than the others we use because they prep/cut all the veggies for you so the prep time is gone and the meals only take 15ish mins to cook vs. 30-40 with the others. It was decent but impossible to figure out how to skip/work the platform so it really wasn’t worth the extra $. I can just cut my own veggies with the time I spend looking for how to skip a week LOL.

Home Chef

This one is easy to use like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh and they have fun options for sides, lunches ad breakfasts. It was good but basic, I felt like it was stuff I already made and the recipes weren’t as interesting as the others. Basic and does the job but not as fun! If you are a less adventurous eater this one is perfect! Also great quality produce and meat and tons of flexibility.


This one is a little more expensive than the rest because they claim organic ingredients but then you have to pay extra on the extra you already paid for the organic ingredients. I was not a fan because I felt like it cost a lot more than the other options and I wasn’t clear on what I was getting that was better. BUT this one has the BEST vegan options so if you’re vegan this is the one I would recommend.


Plated has a TON of options, like it seems like there was 1001 meals to chose from. I know there weren’t but it felt like it. You can also choose your proteins or vegetarian and options for meals and servings are flexible. It comes in really user friendly packaging. It’s a little more the Blue Apron or Hello Fresh (my other top choices) but has many more options, so perhaps that is why? I do recommend giving this a shot! Their customer service and platform are TOP NOTCH!

I know there are more but these are the six I have tired and happy to share my info! Honestly it’s worth a shot, I recommend starting with Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Plated as my faves. We find they are plenty of food and save money and time!