Here is a list of my fave nutrition products. If you started my BRAND NEW nutrition program you know that there are AWESOME tips and tricks to make the program even EASIER! It’s SO easy to begin with no very little meal prep and a lot of pre-prepped foods so you aren’t in the kitchen for hours. BUT there are def some things that can help make Water First, Veggies Most even more user friendly!

Check out the list of my FAVES to go along with the program and make your life even easier!


Stur water enhancers

Tru Lemon


Just Plain Tasty!

Honest Choczero Sugar-free Syrups


BFree Quinoa and Chia Seed Wraps

Powdered PB?


Pro Granola

Kitchen Gadgets!?

Air fryer


One of the best things about this plan is how LITTLE you have to meal prep or even think about what you are going to eat. I literally just go to BJs and buy what I need in large quantity and do what I call ‘buffet style prep’ which pretty much just means I fill my fridge the food I want to eat that week and when I am going to have a meal I can just grab what I want and eat it. Makes it SO much easier for me because I don’t need to think about what I want for every mean and I don’t need to commit to a specific meal. So if I want chicken I can have chicken but if I want beef I can have that as well. I can have whatever I am craving and still lose weight!

Soooooo that got me thinking because i order a ton of stuff online but obviously I do need the basics and I get that at the grocery store. Would anyone like if I put together a list of my FAVE grocery store items that help me with Veggies Most?