My NUMBER ONE Secret: Can you guess what it is??

So today, I am going to reveal my number one secret to all of you! Some of you watch me on social media and you don’t really see me doing anything crazy, different or exciting. I am just a super regular girl, who has a dog (now two), a husband and a job. I love helping people, it’s what drives me. Lately people have asked me how I have reached such a level of success in such a short period of time. They all want to know: ‘What’s my secret??’ What do I do that is different from other coaches? Ready to hear the big, number one secret???

Drum roll, please…..

number one secret

Ready to hear my secret?


That is it!!! No magic, no tricks; just consistency. Let’s be real for a moment: Life knocks us down. ALL OF US. We all have our crap that we go through, right? Whether it’s a deal in the family, hard times, crazy times at work, pregnancy, you run another business and it’s not going well, marriage, family, friends, crap. Bad crap and good crap too 🙂 ?We ALL have crap. What you also have is a choice. You can allow that crap (good and bad) to stop you from what you are doing and allow it to dominate all of your attention. OR you can use it to fuel you so that you can consistently be the best you can in your business.?

I have made the conscious choice to take MY crap (and trust me, there has been plenty!) and turn into something that fuels me. I use it to motivate me to be the best businesswoman that I can be. I think you can all relate to the days where you don’t want to concentrate on your business because you had a bad day at work, or have things going on in my personal life, right? So what do you do??? Check out the rest of my video here for tips on how to push through and remain consistent.

? As always, comment here or send me an email if you want to talk more about ways to remain consistent.