There is No Such Thing as Lucky?

I would see all of these men and women being super successful and I will be like, “Man why don’t I have that kind of success? What’s going on like I am working really hard? They must JUST BE LUCKY.” Right? Don’t we say that like they have just gotta be lucky??So, I thought that way too. I felt that all these people that are super successful just must be lucky but really there is no such thing as luck. IT IS ALL HARD WORK!?

And I am sure that people look at me now that I run a successful online business and have a 9 to 5 job still that I enjoy and I am able to manage both. They probably think “Wow she is really super lucky that she is able to do both; and, that she is making two full incomes; and that she has a successful team; and, that she loves her team; and, that she loves what she does in both jobs.” It is really not lucky. It is all about the hard work that I put in everyday at my desk job and the hard work that I put in every night after my desk job into this online business.?

I love what I do in this online business 95% of the time. But there are days that I don’t wanna do the work, right? There are always days we don’t feel like it even doing things that we enjoy sometimes we don’t feel like doing it. We just wanna sit on the couch and do nothing.

But those are the days when I have to work. Those are the days when I have to work the hardest. Those are the days that if I don’t work, I am not gonna be ‘lucky’, right? I am not gonna do the work and so I am not gonna have any luck. There is really no such thing as luck. The more work you put in, the more people you help and the greater compensated you are gonna get. I have always worked an hourly or salary job and whatever I put in for work is what I got paid. And it was very different to take on this opportunity and say, “Man, the more work I put in the more money I am going to get, right?”

That’s like an interesting concept for someone that has never been based on their effort. It is always been ?based on time. But really if you put in the work and you are consistent, you are gonna be that person that everything thinks “just got lucky” and trust me it is good to be that person but it is really not about the luck. It is just about the consistency.

So, I wanted to come to you tonight and share that because I know that’s how I felt when I started my business too. I felt like all of these people were just super lucky and I was just waiting around to be lucky too but waiting does nothing. It is ALL ABOUT THE WORK YOU PUT IN. And I know that?my team sees me when I put in the work, they see the rewards. They see that they are able to help more people that their paycheck jumps that they can pay their bills better that they can pay for their kid?s college. That they can put more into savings.

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