Shoes are super important for both fitness and road safety. You need to ensure that when you are exercising inside and outside that you are safe.

This blog is going to be about two of my favorite things: fitness AND road safety. I extremely passionate about both and they are both health related topics.

Shoes are expensive but SUPER important especially when working out. I am going to start with my budget tip, I have a newer pair that I use for working out (indoor only) and then when they have seen better days I make them to outdoor shoes and retire my outdoor shoes.

I just retired my outdoor shoes and made my indoor shoes my outdoor shoes. That also means attaching my shoe tag to them with my name, address and in case of emergency number. It ensures I never forget my ID because it’s on my shoes! If you have a better pair of outdoor shoes for more intense outdoors workouts/runs and one for more casual walking/activities just grab one for each pair. At $8 each, it is totally worth it to keep them on both!

When I had my crash, I didn’t have my ID and I was not conscious. They actually contacted my husband because of the number on Sydney’s (my dog’s) collar! Totally lucky Sydney was there and stay with me but they had no idea who I was and my hospital band has some crazy name on it and it says I was born 01/01/1901.  I now never leave my home without my shoes with my ID on them. It also encourages me to wear sneakers instead of flip flops or crappy shoes when I walk.

Road safety is SO incredibly important and a massive issue, worldwide. Look at this post from Andy Cox, This shows 3700 pairs of shoes when represents the amount of people EACH DAY killed on our roads around the world.