I have been in business about two years and what I thought made successful entrepreneurs, is really ?not what makes someone successful in the long term.

What I thought made successful entrepreneurs are those people that have a huge a social media following, if they?re trying to build a business online.? Those people that have five thousand Facebook friends that have twenty thousand Instagram followers that have this huge social media following that really helps them build this business fast, but building a business fast is not what build a business for the long term.

So excited for this leadership training!

So excited for this leadership training!

That?s really what I?ve learned in this, because in the beginning would see these coaches that I worked with have this really fast starts in their business and they would rock it for three months or six months and make money. They are making money and there not building a long term business.? After being in this business two years, which I feel like is a good amount of time.? I think that I can really pin point those people that have been with me from the beginning and what they have to offer.? While having all these amazing friends on Facebook and followers on Instagram is great and definitely helps your business, I?m not saying that if you had these stuff it?s going to hurt you.? It is not going to help you built a long term business if, here?s what I see is the key to success.? You are not helping people and putting their needs before your paycheck.

If you?re just into sell, you will make money I?m not saying that you won?t make money, you absolutely will make money.? What you will not do is build trust, build a stable business have these people understand that they need your product for a yeas to come and have that long term residual income that allows you to take your family a nice vacations or buy fancy cars or quit your job or pay for your kids college or just have financial security.

So if these amazing following don’t make Success Entrepreneurs, what does?