What is this new normal?

I write mostly about happy and helpful things on here but as we prepare to start to re-open our state, we technically started last week but not much for consumers, things are going to get weird.

We plan to re-open the state and the phases. Some people are good with it, some people are not and some people are keeping their mouth shut and just going to choose to stay home anyway.

As a parent we are going to have to not only make choices for ourselves but for our kids. Are we going to allow our kids to hang out with other kids? Have play dates? Come with us to run and errand? Go to the grocery store? Go to the playground? The beach? Then I get sucked into reading guides about what is safe and what is not.

It wasn?t a choice before, we were told we had to stay home but now it is. So, now what?

I can see many feelings {unintentionally} getting hurt because Parent A asks for a play date and Parent B declines. Not because Parent B hates Parent A but because Parent B isn’t ready for it but Parent A takes it personally. And children wondering why their friends get to go to the playground or the beach but they have to sit at home for the 390228th day in a row.

It’s going to get harder before it gets easier. We are going to have to make choices on if we want to see friends or see family because if we choose to see friends, some family may not want to see us and visa versa.

I have floated the idea of an outdoor BYO food and drink at a 10ft distance (one of the activities on the low risk list) with a few friends and some were good with it and some where not. I am trying my best to provide some normalcy for myself and my family. I can’t tell you HOW GOOD it feels to just talk to another person in person…I never thought my introverted self would say that but I am craving the connection.

Navigating the new normal will be hard but we are #aparttogether