How do you build your business on social media? I have your Top 5 Tips here! I’ve built a full-time income on part-time hours. I build my business in about an hour a day and I’ve built to a full-time income level while working a full-time job at a top ten company within the US, a Fortune 10 company.

I’ve done some in-person networking but I would say 95% of my customers and team has come from people I’ve met on Social Media, that I haven’t actually met in real life. So, I’m going to give you my top 5 tips for this.


The first is — your picture needs to be a picture of yourself, a clear head shot picture. It’s not like a super far away picture; it’s not like a picture of your legs, or your body or whatever; it’s a picture of your face, a head shot. Try to make it just a picture of you. It’s something so that when you’re commenting and it’s real tiny you can still tell who it is; that’s a good judge of is this the right picture when it’s one of those really tiny, tiny comments and your picture’s there and they can still tell who it is.

The second thing you want to do is — add value. You do not want to just “product vomit” everywhere. You want to add value. What do people come to your page for? And it doesn’t have to be add value as to what your product does; you can be someone who’s interested in health and fitness but you give make-up tips or someone who’s interested in health and fitness but you love cloth diapering. Or something like that, something where you’re adding value to your audience even if it has nothing to do with your product, you just want them to come to your page and see the value.

Want the other 3 tips check out the full video here: