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So let’s be honest losing weight is great but losing weight and keeping it off (so you don’t have to lose it over and over) is the ultimate goal. So HOW do you do that? Well I know from experience is not with fad, pill to crash diets.?

1. Stick to a consistent diet

Those who ate a consistent diet the entire week were 1.5 times more likely to maintain their weight within five pounds over the course of one year compared with those who ate a healthy diet strictly on weekdays.

While there?s not a ton of research in this area, this habit makes sense. Eating the same foods every day can help with self-control and keep unplanned temptations to a minimum.

Keep in mind it?s perfectly OK to indulge in a cheat meal once in a while, but keep it to that: once in a while and ENJOY IT! Don’t feel guilty. 

2. Don?t skip breakfast

Bear in mind that skipping breakfast won?t entirely make or break your weight-loss efforts. In fact, a small number of folks will skip this meal to lose weight through intermittent fasting which I actually loosely follow. 

Fasting isn?t for everyone, so if that?s not your cup of tea, keep calm, and join the breakfast club.

A breakfast with a balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates (high in fiber) ? like two eggs scrambled with vegetables and maybe ? of an avocado, ? cup of oatmeal, and 1 cup of fruit ? can set the tone for the rest of day.

It may help cut down midmorning hunger and decrease the chances you?ll be ?hangry? by lunch. All this can build up to better food choices throughout the day, so you?ll be able to breeze by your coworker?s batch of brownies.

3. Prioritize daily exercise

This habit is especially effective because nutrition works hand in hand with exercise to promote weight loss. Additionally, working out can help build more defined muscles.

The most effective way to change your body composition is to add strength training and/or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to your workout routine. Besides helping you slip into that little black dress, surprising exercise benefits include improvements in sleep, mood, and productivity.

4. Weigh in weekly (or daily)

The scale can feel like a constant reminder that your goal weight is far away. People dread weighing in mostly because they don?t like the number they see. Yet, that?s the opposite of what successful weight-loss maintainers do.

This not only helps those with weight-loss success stories stay focused on their goals, but that number on the scale can also be the motivation to implement healthy habits in the first place.

Frequent weighing also helps  avoid the scale number creeping up on them without noticing. Weekly monitoring can catch a one- to two-pound weight gain, as opposed to monthly, where you could gain a much more significant amount.

It?s a good idea to weigh in occasionally, but guilt-tripping yourself each time you step on a scale is a big no-no. Instead, think of that number as a valuable data point that can help you troubleshoot and plan for the coming weeks.

5. Don?t binge-watch TV

If you?re juggling work, friends, and family, you know time is precious ? and finding time for healthy habits can be a challenge. But unless you?re doing burpees while binge-watching The Real Housewives of New York, you?re not making much progress when you?re in front of the TV.

And to add insult to injury, eating while watching TV can contribute to weight gain through mindless eating. This doesn?t mean you have to give up TV to see success, but you should limit your screen time.

By limiting screen time, they can make more time for other activities (hint: exercise).

I hope these were helpful! Let’s make 2019 a success, together!