Today, I’m going to talk to you about how to gain more confidence when you do videos. Social Media LOVES video so it’s really important to take notes!

Videos is something that is relatively new to me, but I feel like a lot of my emotion comes across in videos that doesn’t come across when I type. I’m also not a very good writer. I’m an engineer by trade; I do math.

Writing is not my forte. I feel like I can speak things out much better than I can write them. That’s why I feel like video marketing is so, so important.

video confience

People are also way more likely to watch a video than to read through something, which is a super interesting fact. It’s like 80% more likely or something like that.

It’s important for your business and a lot of people are really nervous to get on camera.

A couple things that I like to do. I was the same exact way. I’m an introvert, which a lot of people probably don’t realize. I’m kind of a homebody; I like to stay home. We’re not going out every weekend and killing it. We’re kind of homebodies.

When I do these videos I’m alone. There’s no one in here. Sometimes there’s my dog in here but I’m not speaking in front a huge audience.

It makes it really easy for me to feel comfortable. I’m in my own space in my own house or outside in my car, wherever I’m recording, I’m in my space and I’m by myself. There’s no pressure on me from anyone else. That’s something really important to think about when you’re doing a video. It’s just you. Want the rest of my tips? Check out the video below!