Looking forward with hope, not backward with regret. I am a Traumatic Accident Survivor.

These blogs?NEVER get easier. You are reading these captions correctly, the picture on left was about 3 months ago right before my acccident and picture on the right was taken today.

Not being able to properly move my body and take care of it has really taken it’s toll. And the truth is that it’s not about how I LOOK, it’s about how I FEEL.?Being fit and healthy helped save my life and sped up my recovery and I am determined to get back to that fitness level.

My body did not fail me {I’m still here friends} and I will not fail it. I am going to?#fightforit. I am going to workout 25-45 mins a day, fuel my body with the right foods in the right portions (that includes bread and pasta!) and enjoy my superfood shake. I am doing this without pills, without wraps and without crash diets…trust me, I have tried all that stuff and it does not work for long term results.

If you want to keep on track, get started for the first time or re-start with me, I would love to have you! I need all the support I can get.

We kick off tomorrow and there is still time to join us and get a free week of Blue Apron meal delivery???? Shoot me a message at fitresq@gmail.com or comment below and let’s chat. It’s time to make a Year End Resolution together!

I am a Traumatic Accident Survivor

I am a Traumatic Accident Survivor