Turning my MESS into my MESSAGE. This article is very powerful and really hits home for me after my accident:?https://lnkd.in/eWjekJt

I didn’t have an ID because I was just walking my dog before work when a distracted driver hit me at full speed on a busy road while I was crossing a crosswalk in broad daylight. Now I wear one of these on my shoes, the best $8 I ever spent: https://amzn.to/2R0WxAm

When the police man called my husband (he found his number by the number on my dog’s ID tag) he asked if he had a dog walker. My husband told him he did not but his wife (me) often walked the dogs before work. At which point my husband asked if I was breathing and the police man said “I don’t know but you need to go to the hospital”.

Thankfully an emergency brain surgery and two pelvic surgeries later, I am here and live a pain free life, but I am an exception. I have been given a second chance to turn my MESS into my MESSAGE. To live every day the the fullest. To have passion in all I do. To be KIND to others.

Two questions I get all the time are:

  1. Is your dog OK, yes she is 100% fine, so thankful
  2. What happened to the guy who hit you? Very little. He was found guilty of negligent operation of a motor vehicle but the judge did not take his license because he felt as though it would be an ‘inconvenience’. Hearing this has been the only time I was truly MAD during this whole process. I was certainly inconvenienced, for the rest of my life intact, but this man can drive around as he pleases. This HAS to stop.

The accident was horrendous but I have grown into a better person from it.

Keeping a Good Attitude is Key!