So I have been stressed about getting this Fit Tip out this week BECAUSE on Saturday we leave for vacation. Sunday I am officially UNPLUGGING as we embark on an all expenses paid cruise gifted from Beachbody!

As a result, I sent out a Fit Tip Thursday, almost as catching as Fit Tip Friday 😉 You see, I send out an email every week to all my customers with some sort of fit tip. Things like weight loss, eating healthy, making fitness fun, family life etc. I try to provide really simple and tangible advice.

I am committing to TOTALLY unplug, I am talking, turning my phone off and locking it in the safe. e

Currently charging my old-school digital camera to take pictures 🙂 So my fit tip this week is to do this as well. It doesn’t need to a whole week but even just a HOUR at a time without looking at your phone or computer. Honestly you will be surprised how hard it is to not check email or Facebook.

It’s time to get un-addicted.


Try it, see how it goes….


Sleep better

More time for yourself

Less muscle pain from your thumbs working overtime

You’ll protect your skin from all the harsh lights

Improved mood and less teaches


Start small

Move apps away from your home screen

Set designated times to engage in social media and pay attention so those alerts on your phone that talk about screen time

Turn off notifications

Realize that it takes time to form new habits, it’s not going to happen overnight

I get that it sounds hard and it might actually be at first. But for me, I need this. I need to go cold turkey and just turn it off and enjoy my family. I cannot wait to spend the week with JUST THEM and no distractions.

Be fully present.