I want to talk to you today a little bit about attraction marketing, because it?s the question I get a lot, what is attraction marketing? How does it work? Does it help your business? Does it hurt your business? So, I?m going to talk to you a little bit about attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is where you brand yourself and tell your own story.

I think a lot of people make the mistake of doing something that I like to call repellant marketing, which is basically pushing people away from you, right? It?s like saying to them don?t look at my stuff. And that?s where you do a ton of advertising. Like a ton of advertising, like, if you work for ABC company, all you?re talking about is ABC company and all you?re doing is putting up ABC company ads and people are like, that is not what I want to see.

The reason that I know that people don?t want to see ads is because we have this little thing called a DVR. And people use the DVR and record their favorite shows so they don?t have to watch ads, right? And how popular is the DVR? And how popular is, honestly, not even having TV anymore? People use, like, Apple TV or Amazon Fire or Netflix. Anything where they can ? not have to watch commercials.

You want to make sure that you are not that commercial. That you are not using those generic fliers. That you are not, I guess, you know, word vomiting all the things about your company, because there are a lot of people that work for your company, I guarantee it, you?re not the only one. So if someone else works for your company, what is going to help you stand apart?

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