Lately, I have had SO many people ask me about what a Challenge Group is WHY it helps to lose the weight and keep it off.?
So, next week I am hosting a group to SHOW you how these challenge groups work and why they help. I had a customer post the other week about her 2 lb weight loss and how it wasn’t much it was more than she has lost on her own in years and she ended the post with ‘it’s just nice to know someone cares.’?
I get it, there are a TON of diets out there and IF you follow them they WILL work, I will never deny that. But the key word is IF. You have to follow the plans which people don’t often do without support. These groups are a positive, safe place to post your results, your accomplishments and of course your struggles. It is a group of people who are working toward a common goal and will help you get to where you are going. You will NEVER be alone!
Come be a fly on the wall and check it out for FREE, plus you will have the chance to win some goodies with our Spin it to Win it:?
Anddddd SHIFT SHOP in re-launching in a few weeks and the opportunity to be a the test group with the program’s creator, check it out:?

Check out MY results when I finally decided to commit to a challenge group and a group of people who?supported me!?

My results!