What’s in your freezer? I am going to be 100% honest with you mine is fully stocked AND it’s healthy. I have always heard the age old rule to shop in the fresh food section and some refrigerated. Did you know that the frozen food section can be super healthy as well? I know that sounds crazy and maybe a little taboo but I promise you that eating from your freezer can be healthy and easy

Don’t get me wrong I know there are tons of salt, fat and crap loaded stuff in the freezer section BUT did you also know that frozen veggies and fruit are AS good or better for you than fresh fruits and veggies?

I am not talking about the sauce loaded stuff, I am talking about fresh frozen fruits and veggies. They are frozen at the peak of freshness and last what seems like is FOREVERRRR!

Even before the pandemic hit my freezer was loaded with fruits and veggies. Fruits I LOVE to throw in my Shakeology because I can get super fun and tropical fruits, it’s like 1/2 the price of buying fresh and it lasts! Veggies are great to throw in a pan and saute with spices and olive oil, you will never even know they were frozen!

Want to take it one step further and make it even easier? Buy the steam in a bag and throw it in the microwave for 5 mins. One of my faves for my freezer is cauliflower rice. I will scramble 2 eggs, throw in whatever protein I want, some coconut aminos and the cooked bag of caulirice and have an amazing fried rice. It’s literally a ‘meal in a bag’ the whole thing is like $3 and is super filling and delish!

Pros to frozen fruits and veggies:

  1. They last way longer
  2. They are cheaper
  3. They cook up easy

Cons to frozen fruits and veggies:

  1. Nada
  2. Nothing
  3. Zilch

When I do cook fresh I like it REALLY fresh and I am huge fan of the weekly home meal delivery kits because the recipes are fun and new and not the ‘same old’.

But seriously, I think it’s a bad stigma that eating from your freezer isn’t healthy because it CAN BE. And with many of us only going to the grocery when we REALLY need to, filling up your freezer is super key to continuing to have access to fruits and veggies!

What’s in your freezer?