Do you ever wonder if the universe has your back? I read that book a long time ago and honestly wasn’t sold on the idea that the universe always has you covered. But…that has changed.

I had a crash that nearly ended my life, but it didn’t and because of it I am a better person and had some truly amazing people come into my life. I hate to sit down and think that I had a nearly life ending, 100% life changing for a reason. It’s actually hard to say that out loud, because I can’t imagine putting anyone through the physical and mental pain I went through just to bring people into their lives…I mean surely there has to be a better way.

Maybe there was and maybe there wasn’t, either way, I am was and still AM determined to turn my MESS into my MESSAGE. I believe that really terrible situations can change a person, for the best. Make you not sweat the small stuff and bring good into the world and into your life.

Because of my crash, I have been able to help so many woman proactively take control of their health. Being healthy (NOTE: not being a certain weight) saved my life and because I took care of myself, I am still here. That attitude has inspired SO many and helped me help them. I am grateful I have been given that platform.

I went out to help pass the Hands Free Driving Bill in Massachusetts, which can help save so many lives. and overall I have become passionate about paying it forward and helping others.

If there is one thing my crash has taught me, it’s that we each have the power to make the impact. You may think that you are ‘only one person’ but your attitude should be that you ARE one person. And one person can change so much.

I encourage you to take your hardships, turn them around, put that good into the universe and know that you have that power to change your life and the lives of many.