Working from home is not just a ‘dream job’ anymore, many companies are not only offering work from home but actually mandating it.

I have been working from home at least one day a week for the past fifteen years and for the past ten years, I have had total flexibility to work from home whenever I wanted. There are a *ton* of benefits for you working from home but what do companies get out of it when you work from home? A ton, here is my top five list:

  1. Save on office space and real estate costs
  2. Save on energy costs by not paying for so much power
  3. Ability to hire talent anywhere resulting in more talented workforce with more diversity
  4. Show they are environmentally conscience by saving gas/commute
  5. More flexibility = happier employees. Happier employees are more productive workers.

So where do you find these jobs? I am not talking about gig work or network marketing, although we will touch on those. I am talking about big, reputable companies offering 9-5 work with full remote options. In my career (as a remote worker) I have worked for Fortune 50 companies so I know these kinds of corporations offer this work. And with Covid the list of employers keeps expanding.

It is SIMPLE to find a job working from home, I promise. I will warn you that (like any other job search) it’s not EASY but it is very simple.

If you are looking for hourly work, that is either part-time or full-time the easiest thing to do is set up a job search and list the location as ‘remote’.

Some of my favorite job sites are LinkedIn and Indeed. You can set up searches using the exact criteria you would normally use and then just type ‘remote’ under location. When you start getting these results you can then pinpoint the companies that are offering remote work and zero in on them by setting up alerts with those specific companies.

There are also job search websites that focus solely on remote work such as we work remotely and virtual vocations. Virtual vocations does have a small monthly fee but like the job searches above you could pinpoint companies that come up a lot and set up individual alerts with them. We work remotely seems to have more part time and gig work as well, if you are looking for something like that instead of a 9-5.

If you are interested in a work from home job where you make your own schedule. I do recommend looking into network marketing or social media marketing. They have extremely low start up costs compared to starting a traditional business and provides not only the freedom to work from home but also the freedom to work when you want. Remember, working from home for a corporation usually means you are working 9-5, 40+ hours a week just from home not from an office.

There are tons of options to work remotely and tons of legit companies that offer that kind of work.