Snug as a Bug in a Rug

What do you do when your baby isn’t an infant anymore but not QUITE a toddler? What are your faves to keep them safe, warm and entertained ALL while keeping your sanity?

I did a blog post about my FAVE newborn items because there are like 100001 things you can buy and I got asked what my FAVE items were for 6-12 months because there are 100001 items for that too, I feel like this might be a trend 🙂 There is some REAL GOOD marketing out there to make you believe that you need ALL THE THINGS

So here are my TOP 5

  1. There are a TON of cups you can try to use just like there are a ton of bottles if you bottle feed. Usually during this time you can start to give you baby water. We tried a ton but I have to be honest this was our FAVE and leas messy and frustrating for the baby. I loved the weighed straw so she could tip it or not and she could still get water out
  2. It is important to get your little one (and in our case, dogs too) out in the fresh air but in the Northeast it gets cold. You can totally layer them up but this is like a sleeping bag in your stroller 24/7. It keeps her legs and feet super warm and if your little one always takes off her gloves like mine this is PERFECT for tucking her hands in.
  3. BABY VEGAS because sometimes you just need to get something done. I know many experts don’t recommend a ton of time in this but she enjoyed it for sure when I needed to do something and couldn’t watch her every move.
  4. Sleep sacks are so awesome if you aren’t ready for blankets. They keep the baby warm or cool as you can get them in different fabrics and help with the transition from swaddles to merlin?(was in my new moms MUST HAVES) to this.
  5. As they start to crawl and walk around, those socks DO NOT stay on. These moccasins are AWESOME when you are out and about ?or slippers are great for hanging around the house. They stay on and it supports a small biz! I am OBSESSED!