5 Travel Must-Haves with Kids!

I know how hard it is to take a ‘vacation’ with kids and I use that word lightly because its not often a vacation it’s just a trip aka time away from the house that isn’t that relaxing but there are things you can do to make it easier for you AND your kids and I am going to share my top 5 travel tips 🙂 Being from Boston?we have the ability to road trip a lot of awesome placed but we are also close to large airport so we have done a few plane trips with the kiddo as well 🙂

My 5 travel must-haves:

Make travel FUN again!


  1. Get yourself organized, packing is going to be key, I am totally obsessed with these organizer bags for the luggage. I got them as a gift and thought they were silly but they are REALLY awesome and I am totally obsessed with them, plus they make great laundry bags so you can separate dirty from clean stuff!
  2. Keep them on a schedule. I know you are tempted to stay out ALL day and skip naps and get to bed late but you and your kids will be SO much happier if they are given time to rest and nap properly. I know it can put a damper is the day’s plans but it is a must!
  3. Driving trip can be FUN! Stop along the way, see things that your kids will enjoy. It’s often cheaper to drive and easier to pack because you aren’t dealing with amount of luggage or weight limits. We never used to take driving trips before the baby but we are doing it more and more because it’s just so much easier
  4. Make your life as easy as possible. There are so many fun gadgets out there like this one that help make traveling easier with kids. Use them! You won’t regret it!
  5. PATIENCE! This might be seem silly but it’s SO true. Everything takes WAAAAY longer with a kid so just remember that. A long security line or plane ride is going to feel longer with a kids so mentally prepping yourself for that will help for sure.