Diaper Rash: SOLVED!

Yep, I know this is EVERYONES favorite topic LOL. And just to note I am NOT any sort of certified diaper rash consultant, because I am sure they have those. I am just a Mom who has never had to deal with any major diaper rash (or many explosions) and I wanted to share what has worked for me and my little one. Perhaps, it can help someone out there.

I think the easiest way to do this is to give you all my top 5 tips so here we go…

  1. Don’t wipe after pee. Pee is sterile and the more you use wipes (even the natural ones) the more it can change the balance down there ?so the less you can use the better and it might even be able to save you a few bucks when never hurts with a baby 😉
  2. Guard the area after poo. After a poo a do wipe and then I use my trusty butt spatula to apply some baby vaseline to protect the area after she is wiped and cleaned up.
  3. Give a bath every night. Having that 30 mins or so without the diaper is SO good for the bum. You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) use soap every time because it is very drying for the baby but just sitting in warm water and letting them splash around feels good on their parts.
  4. ?Use a diaper that breathes. I know MANY people love and use cloth diapers, we do not because we haven’t needed to using these tips but I know that is by far the best for breathability. I prefer huggies little movers and because they work for us, I don’t mess with it even though they might cost a little more PLUS if you get them on subscribe and save they actually are very reasonable.
  5. Use a natural cream. I have has a little redness (wouldn’t even call it a rash) maybe twice and I love this stuff. There are lots of options out there but you don’t need to stick to main stream.

Bottom Line: don’t over-wipe, let it breath and be prepared if redness strikes!

Ever feel like someone is watching you? My little diapered munchkin!