Just Being <3

So many people plan events or trips in order to spend quality time as a family. Spending so much time prepping and planning for these trips so you can create lasting memories. For me, it felt like much pressure.

Trust me, those trips and events are amazing. But sometimes lasting memories come at the most unexpected times and aren?t fostered at a fancy event or extravagant trip.

I was always hearing these other parents talk about taking their kid to the latest Disney On Ice or going to the Zoo or the Museum or some amazing vacation. But let me tell you, I traveled with Michelle when she was like 4 months and it was fun for NO ONE. I don’t feel like any amazing memories were made and I basically had to pack my entire house on an airplane.

It is totally possible that the other parents DO enjoy traveling with their little ones. But I know for my husband and I we did no enjoy it and we did it so she could be with family. I don’t regret it and I am glad we went but I know that I cannot expect that these big, fancy trips ill always create memories.

For us, have found that our most amazing memories and moments come when we are doing nothing at all. We spend a ton of time together…working out, grocery shopping, walking the dogs, running an errand, it?s so us. It?s where we laugh, giggle and enjoy each other?s company. It?s what we love.

Not putting the pressure on myself to spend ?quality time? with Michelle and instead just spend TIME with her is what has made the most amazing memories.

So here?s to many more early morning workouts and after work trips to Wegman?s creating our forever memories, just being ??