I have an old dog, he’s 11.5 and there is nothing ‘wrong’ with him. He is just old. I have taken him to the vet for every blood, urine and fecal test. I have had every lump and bump biopsied. And what’s wrong? Nothing he is just OLDAF.

Everyday things get a a little harder for him. It’s SO sad to watch especially when we feel like there isn’t anything we can do for him. So we are just trying to make him comfy. He is on some meds from the vet but I am doing my best to keep it as natural as possible to prevent other issues. So here are my fave product picks that are helping him age gracefully.

CBD oil, at first I wasn’t really keen on my dog being high all the time, he already eats too much BUT it came highly recommended and is all the rage. I tried the brand because it was super inexpensive so I bought I would try it before I spent more and so far so good!

Steps have been a HUGE issue for us as we live in a colonial and he just wants to be with the family. These pads help a ton, we have them both outdoors and indoors. This is an inexpensive, easy thing to do.

Cosequin, I’ve used this stuff with my short legged dogs FOREVER! I also used it on my horse. This is def the best joint supplement on the market. There are knockoffs and they do so little that it’s not even worth it.

And then sadly when the time to cross the bridge comes (it’s hard to even type) I love this memorabilia jewelry <3