Let’s chat about formula and what you feed your baby!

You know you?ve reached a new level of #crazyMomstatus when you order some formula from Europe and you can?t read the box because it?s in another language ?

As a tiny baby Michelle had a dairy intolerance, I stopped consuming dairy while I pumped and we suppmented with Nutramigen as it?s for dairy issues. It helped her colic symptoms a ton.

Most babies outgrow dairy issues by 6 months. About a month before I stopped pumping l slowly started to add dairy back in to see if she would have issues. She was totally fine.

So, I started researching formulas since I knew I was going to stop pumping and as an undersupplier I didn?t have a huge stash. I didn?t love the Nutramigen as the first ingredient was corn syrup so I figured if we didn?t need to use use it I would change over.

I quickly found out that most US formulas have a good amount of corn syrup in them. I try to avoid corn syrup myself so giving it my baby didn?t make make sense to me.

It turns out many of the European formulas are made with much better ingredients. So I became ?that Mom? that orders her formula from Europe.

I am not telling you this to say I?m a better Mom or put anyone down for what they use. I am telling you this because knowledge is power. I honestly had NO idea until I started reading ingredients.

Great info to have!