Let’s EMBRACE our differences.

Kids are so different is fascinating. They like different things, do things at different times etc.?

As Moms we need lift each other up. Not tear each other down. Our differences and our kids differences make us fun and unique and our kids should learn that from us. 

For example saying ?Are you still breasting?? sounds so judgy when you could just say ?Are you breastfeeding?? and open a nice conversation. 

Every time someone says to me ?Michelle is not walking yet?? I want to say ?Nope, but she says Hanukkah, can your kid say Hanukkah?? ?? Just saying ?Is she walking?? sounds so much nicer to me ?

So much is in how we word things, just something to think about as we talk to others.?

We are truly stronger together and I am certain we can accomplish so much more by working together and supporting each other. I have learned so much from other moms just by asking questions but we cannot be afraid to talk to each other and ask questions for fear of being judged.?

I know I am often afraid to ask or share because someone out there is going to judge me for what I am asking to sharing. But what if what I am asking could help me, my child or someone else? Then we could TRULY make an impact.?

And let’s not forget, our kids are ALWAYS watching how we treat others, so let’s be sure to LEAD by example! We are literally inspire and encourage the next generation to be better and isn’t that the goal in the end??

To leave this world better than we found it. Just remember, we have that power as individuals but also as parents to truly show what can be done. You can make an impact as ONE person!?