Are you ready to get your energy back?

I hear from Moms (and everyone actually) that they are so tired all the time. ?I get tired as well, because I am human, but normally, I am pretty energetic. I understand how hard it can be to keep up with children, husband, career, business, volunteer work, pets…I have all those things.?

And this time of year it’s even harder because you have to be 100 places at once. I get it. I sat down and thought bout the top things I do to keep up my energy all year long?

Here are my Top 5 Tips

1. I don?t drink coffee so I don?t crash. I have NOTHING against coffee but I don’t like it. I do a take this energy supplement because I DO need to wake up in the AM but I am NOT a morning person.?

2. I have the option to work from home. I found a job that had this as an option and I avoid the morning rush and stress to get ready. This helps me feel less tired before my day had even started. I now you are thinking that I am just ‘lucky’ but it’s something that was important to me when job hunting. I went to work for a large (Fortune 50 company), wonderful company that makes it part of the culture.?

I have friends who are even teachers and nurses who work from home. If you are looking for a legit remote job check out:, or simply set up searched on Indeed or LinkedIn and set the location as remote.?

3. I eat healthy and I eat in general. We often forget to eat full meals. Grabbing a handful of M and Ms in not lunch and will spike your sugar and then make you crash. I am NOT a meal plan but I do make sure I eat full meals to keep me satisfied and energized.?

4. I workout, I do it at home with my daughter. This gives me energy for the day and it’s something we do together. Yes, sometimes my 30 minute workout takes me an hour to get through because we have to pause so much but it’s part of our routine. If you want to check out my in-home workout programs you can sign up for 2 weeks free here

5. Lots of time I spend with my family we do things we have to get done. This means grocery shopping, cleaning, workouts, cooking, errands etc. Play and downtime is SO important and doing these things as a family allows us to have that time and not be over-scheduled and running 1001 places.?

I hope this was helpful. I know perhaps you can’t do ALL of these things at once but adding in a few little by little will make a huge difference :)?

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