Ready for my top 5 money saving (and making) tips?

I am someone who is thrifty, I am not into ‘stuff’ as it doesn’t bring me much joy, If I am going to spend money, I would much rather spend it on an experience or adventure with a memory that will last a lifetime. i think this is a HARD thing to teach kids and I remember as a kid I want all the ‘stuff’ and I used to get mad when my mom wouldn’t spend $25 on a tank top from Abercrombie but it taught me good lessons on how to save and value things.

I learned a good work ethic. I LOVED horseback riding and to say it’s not the cheapest sport would be an understatement. Every Sunday from 7am to 3pm, I used to work in the barn to earn ONE lesson a week. To me, it was worth it and I learned how to work hard for things I wanted, although my parents tell me to this day they feel guilty about it 😉

Tip #1: Don’t buy stuff you don’t need. Seriously. This may sound obvious but we often spend because it’s ‘just 5 bucks’ but that 5 bucks x 20 things you buy for 5 bucks adds up fast.

Tip #2: Coupon for things you use. I buy a TON of fresh veggies and fruit (as well as frozen) and I shop mostly at BJs/Costco to save money and they often have coupons for the things I need. I don’t ‘coupon’ as in I spend about 5 mins a week doing it not 5 hours BUT I save like $20 or so a trip which adds up fast if you’re going on a weekly basis.

Tip #3: Don’t be too proud. Seriously, my kid is 11 months and she outgrows things in about 5 seconds. I take ALL the hand me downs because it cuts down on waste/things thrown away AND it saves me SO much money! I do the same with toys.

Tip #4: Don’t feel guilty about buying things. It’s sort of like when you are watching what you eat and you go off plan and you then EAT ALL THE THINGS. If you want something, buy it, but then don’t go buy 1001 other things 🙂

Tip #5: Have a side hustle or a Plan B. When I lost my job RIGHT after I returned from maternity leave I was devastated BUT I had my fitness business ?and I was able to look for the PERFECT job (not just take any job) because I had income coming in. Losing a job at ANY time is scary but with a baby, it’s terrifying.

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