Top 10 Reasons this is my SOULMATE program! 

  1. It’s 100 days long. In 100 days stuff is going to happen like birthdays, trips, holidays etc. and you are going to prove to yourself that you can make this a lifestyle change no matter what happens! 
  2. Workouts are short. They are 18-32 Minutes a Day, everyone has time for that even in the morning
  3. Two modifiers so you can work your way up without having to go 0 to 60. 
  4. Friendly for beginners but challenging for those who are advanced. This workout progresses so it brings new challenges every week to keep you seeing results. 
  5. Flexibility in nutrition. You can follow either the Morning Meltdown Nutrition (this is included with the program), Portion Fix (available with your Beachbody On Demand) or 2B Mindset, which is an add on and what I use. 
  6. Workout variety. This is the most variety focused program we have put out. There are light weights days, heavy weight days, MMA, Abs, Yoga, Barre, Cardio etc.
  7. Mix in other activities. If you like to go to to the gym a few days a week or run or walk or bike, this programs allows for that with lower intensity days and short workouts.
  8. The music! It’s SO fun and keeps you on beat and pushing to keep up. 
  9. There are no rest days. However there is one active recovery day every 10 days which forces you to do them and keep your body feeling good for all 100 days. 
  10. Did I mention you get KILLER results

This is not a diet or quick-fix (I’ve tried all those and we know they don’t work!). I finally learned, after years of confusion, diet pills, quick-fixes, frustration, yo-yoing and no results, not only how to eat to hit my goals and feel my best, most healthy and energetic self, but to also make this a sustainable lifestyle that my entire family can follow. It has truly TAUGHT me all about nutrition so it “sticks” and it’s not just a phase! I’m so passionate about this, because it WORKS and I’ve helped so many others get “unstuck” too! 

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